A Breakdown Of The ARMS Nintendo Direct

ARMS is on the brink of release, so it’s time for a new burst of information about the Nintendo Switch’s next big title.

The Direct starts out by detailing the different weight of the arms and their attributes. Arms that are the same weight will collide, whereas heavier arms will knockdown lighter arms. Different arms have different attributes as well such as Fire, Electric, Wind, Ice, Stun, Explosion, and Blind. Find your preferred arms combination and head to the battlefield!

Along with detailing every character, three new fighters were revealed. These being Kid Cobra, Byte & Barq, and Twintelle. Kid Cobra can slither along the ground, Barq will automatically attack opponents and allows Byte to jump off of him, and Twintelle can slow down incoming enemy attacks.

There are a number of versus modes available in ARMS. The standard 1v1 battling with various items, 2v2 will have you and someone else tethered together in a intense battle, V-Ball is an explosive game of volleyball, Hoops has you grabbing and dunking your opponent, Skillshot puts you and another player in a test to break the most targets, and finally, 1-on-100 is a race to stay alive and defeat all incoming enemies. You can also try out different arms and learn the basics of fighting in the ARMS Test and Training Mode.

While playing you’ll receive in-game currency that can be used at the ARM Getter to unlock new arms. Even if you unlock an arm you already have, it’ll end up powering up and being stronger than the one you won previously.

Grand Prix has the player take on ten consecutive matches, each with their own rules. Beat them all and head into the final fight to win it all! 2 players can also join up together to take on the Grand Prix.

In Party Mode, up to 10 Nintendo Switch systems can be connected online to participate in various versus modes. Up to 2 players can play on one system, knocking the amount of players in one lobby up to a possible 20! Players will then be matched together automatically.

ARMS will offer Ranked Matches too. These matches are 1-on-1 and will put your skills to the test. When you win, you’ll rank will go up, but when you lose, it’ll slowly but surely sink. While waiting for a match, other game modes can be played in the meantime.

8 players, with 8 systems can get together locally to play versus as well. Allowing you and your friends to get in on some ARMS action anytime, anywhere.

Finally, ARMS will receive post-launch content including fighters, stages, and arms! All of the additional content will be offered for free in future planned updates.

If you can’t wait for release, you can get your hands on ARMS during the ARMS Global Testpunch! While specific times haven’t been given, the app is now available on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop. The full list of dates for the Testpunch can be seen below:

  • Friday, May 26th (North America Only)
  • Saturday, May 27th
  • Sunday, May 28th
  • Friday, June 2nd (North America Only)
  • Saturday, June 3rd
  • Sunday, June 4th

ARMS launches for Nintendo Switch on June 16th, 2017.


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