Rumor: Three New 30th Anniversary Zelda Amiibo Found In Breath Of The Wild’s Files

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is coming out in a few days, but that didn’t stop the Wii U version from being leaked online. Within its files, people were able to find data for the various Zelda amiibo supported by the game. In this list are 30th anniversary amiibo for Twilight Princess Link, Majora’s Mask Link, and Skyward Sword Link.

  • TableKing30th_Link_Takt
  • TableKing30th_Link_Twilight
  • TableKing30th_Link_Majora
  • TableKing_WolfLink
  • TableKing_Link_Bow
  • TableKing_Link_Horse
  • TableKing_Zelda_Doctor
  • TableKing_Guardian
  • TableKing_Bokoblin
  • TableKing30th_Link_Ocarina
  • TableKing30th_Zelda_Takt
  • TableKing30th_Link_Skyward
  • TableKing30th_Link_Dot

It’s unknown whether these are scrapped amiibo or if they’re planned to release sometime in the future. If they were to be released, there’s surely plenty of people who’d be interested in picking them up.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launches for Nintendo Switch & Wii U on March 3rd.



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