Rumor: Eurogamer Claims Nintendo Switch Has A 6.2″, 720p Screen With Touch Capabilities

A report from Eurogamer has come out claiming that sources have informed them about the specifics of the Nintendo Switch’s screen. The screen is apparently 6.2″ in size and will output at 720p. As many have suggested, the screen is also expected to have touch capabilities, but this time sporting multi-touch, a first for Nintendo.

However, how will games support touch when the system is docked? Well the right-hand JoyCon may be the answer. Rumors say that the right JoyCon contains functionality for an IR sensor, similar to that of a Wii Remote. By pointing at the TV, it’s possible that touch-based functions could be emulated.

It’s all up in the air for now, but we’re sure find out more when the Nintendo Switch Presentation streams live around the world on January 12th.



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