Yooka-Laylee Will Have A Physical Release

Up until now, it was assumed that Yooka-Laylee would only be offered digitally. This is however not the cast anymore as Playtonic has announced a physical release! The game will launch both physically and digitally in the first quarter of 2017. Playtonic also confirmed that backers of the Kickstarter will be given the option to choose between the two at a later date.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer Yooka-Laylee in both digital and boxed flavours in time for the game’s launch in Q1 2017. As we speak, our business badgers are busily burrowing away on an initiative that will allow Kickstarter backers to upgrade their digital pledge to a physical version, if they choose to do so. We’re not ready to share the exact details just yet, but very soon you should be able to stick your head in the badger hole and look for yourself.”



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