Z-Ring Accessory Being Released From Tomy International

A Z-Ring accessory for Pokémon Sun & Moon is set to release with the game later this year. The wristband will be able to interact with the game by lighting up, playing sounds, and vibrating when a Z-Move is in action.


Standard Z-Rings will come with an Electric Z-Crystal and will cost 2,600 Yen, or $26. A Z-Ring and Z-Crystal Special Set will also be available for 4490 Yen ($45) and includes a Z-Crystal collection board along with Electric, Fire, Water, Grass, Fighting, and Normal crystals.


Two other sets of crystals will be sold separately. The first set will include Steel, Rock, and Poison crystals, while the second will have Ghost, Dark, and Bug. Both will be sold for 599 Yen, or $6.

Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to launch!



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