New Pokémon, Alolan Forms, and Z-Moves Announced For Pokémon Sun & Moon

Another trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon has dropped and it contains tons of new information about this brand new Pokémon adventure.

Alola specific forms for classic Pokémon have been revealed! These include forms for Exeggutor, Vulpix, Ninetails, Sandshrew, and Sandslash.

These forms are triggered by the microclimates present in the Alola region. Alolan Pokémon not only change their appearance but also their typing.

Exeggutor becomes a Grass and Dragon-type with the ability Frisk. Vulpix becomes Ice-type and Ninetails becomes an Ice and Fairy-type, both with the ability Snow Cloak. Finally, Sandshrew and Sandslash both become Ice and Steel-type with the ability Snow Cloak as well.

Not only were these new forms announced but brand new Pokémon were also shown off too. One of these Pokémon is Oricorio, a bird that changes its appearance based on which Alola island it resonates in.

Balie Style is Fire/Flying-type, Pom Pom Style is Electric/Flying-type, Pa’u Style is Psychic/Flying-type, and Sensu Style is Ghost/Flying-type. Oricorio’s ability, Dancer, will allow it to copy an opponent who uses a dance move.

By drinking the nectar of each island, Oricorio changes between these different dance styles. These styles essentially transform Oricorio into entirely different Pokémon.

Minior are Pokémon that are formed in the stratosphere and live off absorbing the detritus around them. Within Minior’s shell is its core, this core can dish out faster attacks and is colored differently depending on the color of debris it consumes.

Shields Down is Minior’s ability which allows it to have extremely high defensive capabilities, even from status conditions. However, when Minior’s HP reaches halfway its shell will break causing it to reveal its core.

Gumshoos and Mudbray are the evolution of Yungoos and pre-evolution of Mudsdale respectively. Mudbray is a Ground-type with the abilities Own Tempo and Stamina, while Gumshoos is a Normal-type with the abilities Stakeout and Strong Jaw.

Unlike Yungoos, Gumshoos are very patient when hunting prey. They will stakeout their prey’s routes for long periods out time just to strike them down. Unfortunately, when sundown hits they will run out of stamina and will fall asleep on the spot.

Mudbray were once a Pokémon seen everywhere, but due to hunters it became on the brink of extinction. Now Alola seems to be the only place where wild Mudbray are found.

Being able to life 50 times its weight, Mudbray are extremely strong Pokémon for their size. They also love to play in mud but can become stressed when unable to do so for long periods of time.

Finally, Fomantis and Lurantis are a newly revealed evolution chain. Both are Grass-type and have the ability Leaf Guard.

By being nocturnal, Fomantis preforms photosynthesis during the day while it sleeps. Once the sun sets Fomantis immediately beings searching for a new area to rest for the next day. Photosynthesis is very important to Fomantis as it is the only way for it to achieve its evolution.

Lurantis is considered to be one of the most gorgeous Grass-type Pokémon. It achieves its beauty through grooming and will trust a trainer if they are able to do a sufficient job at caring for it. Lurantis is also able to learn a brand new move called Solar Blade! This move allows Lurantis to channel solar energy into an extremely sharp blade, that is even able to cut a rock in two.

New footage of Poké Ride was also shown in trailer as well. Using this feature allows the player to traverse the world of Alola on the back of a Pokémon. This can be by land, sea, or air! It’s unknown whether this feature is restricted to certain areas however.


Next up, we finally learned details on the special moves shown in previous Pokémon Sun & Moon trailers. They are called Z-Moves and they allow a Pokémon to unleash an extremely powerful attack.

By using a Z-Ring and two Z-Crystals (one for the Z-Ring and one for the Pokémon) a Pokémon will be able to preform a Z-Move. The only conditions being that the Pokémon has to have a move corresponding to the crystal’s type and that the Pokémon is holding the crystal.

These moves can only be used once per battle and are sure to shake things up when battles get tough!


The final bit of news tells us how Pokémon Sun & Moon are going to be structured differently from other Pokémon titles.

Most Pokémon games have the player challenging Gyms but it seems that may not be the case this time around. Instead we have “The Island Challenge” which consists of four trials, one for each island.

Every island in Alola will have a trial that can range from a Pokémon battle to finding an item to even testing your knowledge. Once completing the trial, a Totem Pokémon will challenge the player. These are much stronger variants of regular Pokémon that can even call for backup.

Afterwords, the player can challenge the kahuna of the island and claim their title. The goal is to defeat every island’s kahuna and become the best of the best!


With that, this is a complete roundup of all the latest Pokémon Sun & Moon news released in the new trailer. If you’re still itching for more then you won’t have to wait too long! Stay tuned for more information to be released later this month on August 12th.

Pokémon Sun & Moon will launch for Nintendo 3DS in North America on November 18th and in Europe on November 23rd.



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