Earthbound Easter Egg Found: Controlling Buzz Buzz’s Light

Even the oldest games can hold secrets and it holds true as a new Easter Egg has been found in Earthbound. The 22 year old Super Nintendo game features a kid named Ness on a journey to save the world. At the beginning of his journey he meets a bee who goes by the name of Buzz Buzz. This bee tells Ness of his quest and helps defeat a few enemies at the start of the game.

However, something people didn’t know is that as Buzz Buzz first appears, by using a controller in the second controller port players can control the light that shines as Buzz Buzz makes his entrance. This can be seen in Clyde Mandelin’s YouTube video below:

Clyde Mandelin has gone on to assure everyone that this is not a hack but indeed a feature in the original game. Those with a copy of Earthbound are, of course, more than welcome to test it out on their own.

It’s certainly interesting that games as old as these can still hold the strangest secrets. What could be next?



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