Nintendo UK On Yo-Kai Watch & Nintendo 3DS Life Span

Remy van Leeuwen, product manager at Nintendo UK, recently had an interview with MCV and talked about the upcoming release of Yo-Kai Watch in Europe. He talks about how big Yo-Kai Watch has been in Japan and how it’s difficult to say if it’ll have the same effect for Europe. Leeuwen also touches on the life span of the Nintendo 3DS, saying that the console still has a big life ahead of it.

“It is difficult to say whether it will have the same impact in the West, but I definitely think that there is a lot of potential for it, especially working together with the likes of [toy company] Hasbro and [TV company] Turner.”

“Everyone is going to back it to its fullest. Because of the nature of Yo-kai and their emotional abilities, it makes it quite easy for kids to relate to them. For instance, there is a Yo-kai called Cheeksqueek, which basically makes people fart. That’s been a hit with kids in our research.”

“One of the other key aspects that will definitely resonate with kids in the UK is the comedy aspect to it. The characters themselves are just funny, and they’re quite deep, too. We will be trying to bring that out in our campaign.”

“We live in a wildly different time if you compare it to when the first Pokemon games were released. But there are a lot of other opportunities now to engage with kids, with the TV show starting on Cartoon Network, I think that’s a great place for kids to be introduced to the franchise, to get to know the universe and characters. And then go and explore from there.”

“3DS has still got a big life ahead of it,” van Leeuwen adds. “There will be a lot of great experiences and Yo-kai Watch, particularly, will help expand it into the kids market. There’s more beyond this first title, so there’s hardware driving potential.”



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