Destructoid Warns About Playing Hyrule Warriors Legends On The Old 3DS

Hyrule Warriors Legends is releasing on March 25th for all Nintendo 3DS & 2DS devices, but Destructoid recommends only playing on the New 3DS. Chris Carter went as far to say that the game “runs like garbage” when not playing on a New Nintendo 3DS system. It might be wise to hold off on the game for those who only own original 3DS systems.

If you have a New 3DS, you’re in the clear. The game runs optimally without the 3D effect on with the New unit, at a very stable framerate that rivals the Wii U version. It’s fine with the 3D on actually, you’ll just get a slight dip — but it’s playable.

Having tested it on my spare launch [old] 3DS however, it’s noticeable worse, to the point where I sincerely think Nintendo should have just made this a “New” exclusive. It’s really, really bad, with sub 30fps performance and no option for 3D. I didn’t even want to play through the first stage it was so poor.



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