Star Fox Zero & Star Fox Guard Reintroduced In Nintendo Direct

Brand new footage and details about Star Fox Zero has been revealed during today’s Nintendo Direct. The game is similar in structure to Star Fox 64 but the story and level design are completely different. Teleporters also appear in levels and allow players to take branching pathways through the various stages of the game. There are many different paths and even more open up after completing the game.

A two player mode was shown where one player controls the Arwing on the TV while the other controls the shooting on the Gamepad. The Fox amiibo is also compatible with the game and unlocks a classic Arwing skin from the original Star Fox. Other amiibo support was teased but not clarified on.


Finally, Miyamoto touched on Project Guard, a game shown two E3’s ago, which is now called Star Fox Guard. The game stars Slippy Toad and his Uncle Grippy as they defend their mining site from enemies. Players can place twelve cameras around the base to ward off intruding foes. Over 100 missions are in the game and a level creator is also included to share levels online.


Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard will be packaged together for the retail release. They are also available separately on Nintendo eShop or bundled for the same price as the physical release.


While previously rumored to be delayed, Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard have been confirmed to launch together exclusively for Wii U on April 22nd, 2016.


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